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Wear & Care: How to keep your Zinzi jewelry looking beautifully

Keeping your Zinzi jewellery beautiful so you can enjoy it longer takes a little care. Zinzi jewellery is made from the finest materials, but jewellery is inherently fragile, so treat it gently.

Wear and Care Tips for Zinzi jewelry:

  • Protect your jewelry against knocks and scratches.
  • Don't allow your jewelry to contact hard surfaces, and avoid putting it on while standing on a hard floor.
  • Remove your jewelry before taking part in sports, doing housework or other heavy work, and before you go to bed or take a shower.
  • Prevent your jewelry coming into contact with chemicals such as perfume, cleaning agents and the chemicals in swimming pool water.
  • Keep cosmetics away from pearls. Their beautiful lustre and colour can be damaged through contact with make-up, hairspray and perfume.
  • Don't use chemical agents or hard cloths to clean your jewelry.
  • Only use lukewarm water, without chemical additives.
  • Some discolouration of pearls and silver is possible in normal use.
  • We will not be liable for damage caused through the wearing of the jewelry or improper use.

Wear & Care Zinzi Watches: Here you find the maintenance and operation policy of the Zinzi Watch.

Zinzi jewelry is not suitable for children younger than three as small parts may present a choking risk. Zinzi jewelry is not a toy, keep it out of the reach of babies and younger children!